Maine Coast Organic Sea Vegetables - Sushi Nori Sheets - Toasted Chinese - .6 oz

Nori Sheets for making traditional sushi or California rolls Sushi Nori Sheets, OCIA Certified Organic Ever since we began harvesting indigenous seaweeds in 1971, our friends and customers have been asking for a good, clean nori sheet. After unsuccessfully trying to make a sheet from our local porphyra species, we learned that the Chinese were making excellent nori sheets and started selling those. Several years ago we organically certified the nori through OCIA International, our seaweed certifier. Now, with the help of a third party importer, we are pleased to provide you with a premium product. The production and export of this nori involves no human rights abuse and, to the best of our knowledge has no connection with the Chinese government. Use Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Nori Sheets to make traditional sushi or California rolls, or invent your own fillings! Please Note: The Toasted Sushi Nori Sheets are NOT a Raw Food (They have been toasted, to bring out its subtle flavor).