Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, Power 22 Oz

Soap scum & shine. 10x soap scum removal (Vs Lysol beach multi- purpose cleaner on soap scum). Brand III. Kills 99.9 % of viruses & bacteria (Kills 99.9 % of Escherichia coli 0155:H7 salmonella enterica, staphylococcus aureus, Rhinovirus type 39, and rotavirus WA on hard non porous surfaces in 10 minutes). Removes tough soap scum. Leaves your bathroom smelling clean 7 fresh. Tough on scale. Sanitizes bathroom & restroom surfaces in 30 seconds (Kills 99.9 % of enterobacter aerogenes and staphylococcus aureus on hard non- porous surfaces in 30 seconds). Health. Hygiene. Home. Contact Number: Questions? Comments or in case of an emergency. Call toll free 1-800-228-4722. Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center, or doctor, or going for treatment. Questions? 1-800-228-4722 for ingredients and other information. Important Facts: Contains no phosphates. This bottle is made of 25 % post- consumer recycled plastic.