Laudemio Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

Laudemio was created in accordance with a production code that we, along with other producers, created in 1990; a set of regulations that dictates the production of an olive oil of excellent quality, one that would be the truest expression of the pressed olive. The remarkable character of Frescobaldi's Laudemio is derived from its olive groves situated at elevations of 200-500 metres, where they benefit from optimal exposure and well-ventilated conditions. What gives character to Frescobaldi's Laudemio is that the olives are: harvested by November 30 of each year, ensuring that they are not over-ripe; crushed within 48 hours of being picked; processed by Frescobaldi's own estate olive press. Technical Information: Olive varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino. Appearance: a brilliant, rich green. Bouquet: fruity, redolent of fresh olives. Palate: full-fruited, lush, savoury, clean-edged, and pleasantly spicey.