Lakewood Cold Pressed 100% Juice, Premium, Pure Cranberry

Fresh pressed. Not from concentrate. No GMOs. This is a natural, full strength, cranberry juice. This is not a diluted product. Glass recycles. Pasteurized. Certified: unsweetened; no additives; no preservatives; gluten free; casein free; allergen free (per FDA 8 food allergens). 100% fruit juices are naturally gluten-free. The powerful cranberry provides essential micro-nutrients, vitamins & minerals to help: support urinary tract health and maintain normal cholesterol levels; improve iron absorption and maintain strong healthy teeth and gums (USDA MyPlate); support the digestive system for overall vitality, health & well-being; maintain normal glucose levels and support the immune system (National Institute of Health); promote normal cell growth and keep eyes and skin healthy (USDA MyPlate); restore vital body electrolytes and provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life. Four oz. 8 fruit servings in every bottle. Choose Glass: Non toxic. BPA, BPS & DEHP free. Contains 100% fruit juice. Sodium 10 mg (Naturally occurring in cranberries - No sugar added). Sugars 11 g (Naturally occurring in cranberries - No sugar added). Vitamin A 2% (Naturally occurring in cranberries - No sugar added).