Kind Fruit & Nut Bars, Almonds & Apricots in Yogurt

All natural. Gluten free. 4 g fiber. Ingredients you can see & pronounce. All natural. Gluten & wheat free. Low glycemic index (28). Good source of fiber. Non GMO. No trans fats. Very low sodium. No sulphur dioxide. No hydrogenated oils. Kind was founded on the principle of holistic kindness, and we pride ourselves on creating new paths that avoid false compromises. Instead of or, we say and. We choose both healthy and tasty, convenient and wholesome, economically sustainable and socially impactful. Our award-winning products and civic initiatives all stem from our desire to make this world a little kinder. In this spirit, we aspire for Kind to be not just a great brand of healthy snacks and foods, but also a state of mind and a community. Will you join us? - Daniel. Kinding Idea No 131: Offer to help someone with luggage or heavy groceries. If they live nearby, help carry them all the way to their door or building. Assure them you won't run off with their stuff by giving them your Kinded card (see side panel). See Kindings happening around the world. Made in USA.