Kettle Potato Chips, Baked, Sea Salt + Vinegar

65% less fat (than regular potato chips). Certified gluten-free. Great taste, naturally. Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips: 3 g fat (per serving). Leading Brand: 10 g fat (per serving). Kettle Brand Baked potato chips are made from real sliced potatoes, unlike many other baked chips you've tried. But that's not the only thing around here that's real. Real Taste: In Portland. Oregon you can find awesome food carts. Everything from Lebanese to BBQ to vegetarian masterpieces. We really like the concept: A small group of people artfully making the food they're passionate about. No pretense, just great taste. We think of ourselves as the food cart of the chip world. Kettle Foods has people with great palates using high-quality ingredients to male the tastiest chips possible. We take pride in making delicious snacks in carefully crafted small batches. And maybe one day, if I get my way, we'll put the factory on wheels. Look out! - Bruce Bechtel, Kettle employee since 2000. Our Natural Promise: 0 grams trans fat; No MSG; No preservatives; Gluten free; Non-GMO oil and potatoes; Made with natural ingredients. Product of USA.