Kettle Cuisine Soup, Chicken with Rice Noodles

All natural. No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. Made with chicken raised without antibiotics on a vegetarian diet. Gluten free. 140 calories. 3 g fat. 15 g protein. Dairy free. Fully cooked. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department o f Agriculture. A Father-Daughter Soup Story: I founded Kettle Cuisine over twenty years ago with the vision of creating great tasting, all natural soups for top quality restaurants. After I learned that my daughter Kate needed to maintain a gluten-free diet, I dreamed of making the same wonderful tasting soups gluten-free. I felt that Kate and others on a gluten-free diet should not have to settle when it comes to soup. So here they are - the best of Kettle Cuisine with no compromise in taste and no gluten. - Jerry. I have lived with the limitations of a gluten-free diet my whole life. While more and more products become available every day, I struggle to find great tasting gluten-free foods that I can feel good about eating. And even though my dad is in the soup business and brings home great soups for me all the time, I could never eat popular soups like chicken noodle and New England clam chowder. I hope you will try these delicious, all natural, gluten-free soups made using real food ingredients. Thanks dad! - Kate. No short cuts - just good, wholesome food. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No MSG or artificial flavorings.