Kashi Original 7 Grain Crackers - 9 oz

18g whole grains per serving eat 48g or more of whole grains daily, 4g protein, 18g whole grains, 3g fiber* *contains 3.5g total fat per serving., crackers made with 7 whole grains sesame, crackers with 7 whole grains sesame, meet mel and sara sustainable agriculture is something we hold close to our hearts (right up there with superfoods and morning surf sessions), and thats why were grateful to have mel and sara at wild willow farm education center just a short drive from our san diego office. they work tirelessly to educate our community about the progressive food movement and how we can all do our part to make the earth a better place. their agriculture education community is a five-acre working farm that doubles as a sustainable foodies paradise (fresh goji berries, anyone?). from the jewel-toned amaranth that grows throughout the fields to the friendly farm goats that love to snack on weeds, they inspire us to continue making thoughtful food with a purpose and Country of Origin: USA Weight (lbs): 0.75