Kaliber Non-Alcoholic Premium Brew Malt Beverage - 6 PK

Kaliber® Imported Non-Alcoholic Premium Brew. Authentic. From the brewers of Guinness®. Kaliber delivers all the great taste of a premium import. Fully brewed and fully fermented with less alcohol than beer. Non-alcoholic. Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. Malt beverage. Serve ice cold. 6/12 fl oz. Kaliber is a premium, non-alcoholic malt beverage from the makers of Guinness®. The rich amber color and full-body delivers all the taste of a premium import with less alcohol than beer. Average analysis per 12 fl. oz. Calories - 71. Fat - 0g. Carbohydrates - 10.3g. Protein - 1.4g. Please recycle. Non-taxable sec. 5051 I.R.C.