Jyoti Jaipur Karhi

Potato dumplings in spicy buttermilk. Natural foods. All natural. Perfectly spiced. Vegetarian. Recipes on back of label. Wheat & gluten free. Heat 'n serve. Jyoti Jaipur Karhi has tender potato dumplings curried in spicy aromatic buttermilk sauce. When served with rice, it makes for a favorite Sunday lunch in many parts of India. But it is also excellent on pasta or when eaten as a soup. Various dishes can be made with Jaipur Karhi using recipes on the back of this label, or from our website. Create Indian home style culinary delights like a pro! What's So Special? Home style cooking, in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients using nutritional recipes that deliver authentic tastes and aromas. No preservatives, nothing artificial! - Jyoti/MS (Nutrition), Regd. Dietitian. Jyoti prepares a range of delicious Indian foods for today's life styles. Heat 'n serve which can all be heated in the microwave, oven or stove top. If it doesn't taste home cooked, it's not Jyoti! www.jyotifoods.com. Product of USA.