Jovial Cookies, Organic Einkorn, Crispy Cocoa

Inherently good. Crafted by Italian artisan bakers. USDA organic. Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Nature's original wheat & the only one never hybridized. Less sweet & more satisfying cookies. 3 g protein per serving. Vegan. We care about your cookies, one quality ingredient at a time! Crafted in small batches by passionate Italian bakers, our cookies are lightly sweetened and satisfying without being overly rich. What really sets these cookies apart is einkorn, the original and most ancient variety of wheat. Socially and environmentally responsible palm fruit oil helps reduce deforestation and preserves biodiversity. Extracted from prehistoric salt deposits left behind when the oceans seceded, this salt is a product of centuries of natural evaporation of seawater. Ancient einkorn wheat gives this cookie real integrity, not to mention great flavor and protein. Fair Trade Certified cocoa and cane sugar ensures that small farmers get just compensation and helps developing communities improve their quality of life. Nature's original wheat, einkorn, is the wheat you can feel good about eating because it has remained as pure as it was over 12,000 years ago. We work directly with small farmers to grow and maintain the purity of this most ancient grain. We care from seed to shelf. Strict sanitary practices and batch testing prevent cross-contamination. Carton is made from 90% recycled cardboard, 30% post-consumer and 60% pre-consumer content. Certified organic by QAI. Product of Italy.