Honest White Tea, Perfect

USDA organic. Real tea. Real taste. Honest. A tad sweet. After 4,700 years, there's a new fashion in tea. Introducing white tea - grown from the same plant as green and black tea, but picked at a youthful stage. White tea has less caffeine than other teas, but is still loaded with healthy antioxidants. And instead of accessorizing with high fructose corn syrup (so last century), we add a pinch of organic cane sugar and pure pear puree (try saying that fast ten times). It's white, and it's ok to drink after Labor Day. This season, white is the new black and green. Honestly Yours, Seth & Barry. PS - Accidents happen. In 2,700 B.C., a Chinese emperor discovered the great taste of tea when a few leaves fell in a pot of boiling water. The Moral: Instead of saying - oops, say why not? Approximately 1/8 the caffeine of coffee. Gluten free. Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.