Hodo Soy Noodles, Spicy Yuba

Organic non-GMO tofu strips. Fresh. Delicious. USDA organic. Gluten free. All vegan. 16 g protein per serving. Fully cooked/Ready-to-eat. Taste the difference! At Hodo Soy, our mission is to craft the highest quality tofu and to create innovative and delicious tofu-based artisan foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Our hand-crafted tofu is made from organic, non-GMO, US-grown whole soybeans. Hodo Tofu reflects, in both taste and nutrition, the high quality ingredients we use. What is Yuba? Why it is so delicious? Hodo Yuba Noodles are made from our handmade, fresh Yuba. Yuba, also called bean curd sheet, is the thin veil that forms on the surface as the cream rises in heated soymilk when we make tofu. Hodo Spicy Yuba Noodles are a delectable meal of hand-cut seared Yuba strips glazed with a house-made spicy teriyaki sauce. Reminiscent of fresh pasta, the spicy noodles pack a kick, with lots of umami. Hodo Spicy Yuba Noodles are all organic and gluten-free. Excellent source of protein & fiber. Good source of iron. For recipes and company info, including our Beanery tour: www.hodosoy.com. Follow (at)hodosoy: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. Certified organic by CCOF. Organic is non-GMO & more. Please recycle. www.hodosoy.com.