Hidden Valley Condiment & Dressing, Parmesan Ranch 16 fl oz

The next time that cheese craving hits, reach for the creamy, bold taste of Hidden Valley® Parmesan Ranch Dressing and Topping. This gluten free dressing made with real parmesan and is as versatile as it is tasty: toss with mixed greens and grains for a quick, easy dinner bowl, or for delicious side dishes, mix this parmesan dressing with pasta or potatoes. This keto friendly Hidden Valley® ranch dressing also makes a delicious addition to sandwiches, tacos and burgers, or as a dip with a vegetable tray or tortilla chips. In other words, Dip it! Dunk it! Drizzle it! However you enjoy real ranch flavor, the flip cap lid makes it easy to open and close while delivering a more controlled pour for fewer messes. Because everything is better with ranch.