Heavenly Organics 100% Organic Raw Acacia Honey

Heavenly Organics™ 100% Organic Raw Acacia Honey. From Wild Hives Pesticide & Antibiotic Free. USDA Organic. Fair For Life. Fair Trade Certified By IMO. Net Wt. 12 oz (340 g). At Heavenly Organics. We believe that goodness comes in many forms and life is sweeter when in balance. That's why we travel to isolated valleys and pristine forests to bring you products made from the purest. Organic ingredients on earth. We are dedicated to preserving the livelihoods of family farmers in remote and conflict areas, as we believe that profits can create peace and ancient ways can deliver delicate goodness to today's modern world. Our organic delights will enlighten your spirit through health, harmony and deliciousness. Wild and Free: Our bees live outside of the box in naturally occurring, wild beehives located in the secluded valleys of the Jammu region of the Himalayan Mountains. Sustainably Sourced: We use bee-friendly and smoke-free methods that project wild bee colonies and eliminate the potential for forest fires. Natural Nourishment: Our methods preserve the pollen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in raw honey. Acacia honey is prized for its delicate fruity taste and mild tangy finish. This rare honey is perfect for anything you use honey for like drizzling on fruit and yogurt and in herbal and green teas. Heavenly Organics For One Sweet World. Non GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. Certified Organic by ECOCERT ICO. (866)923-2184. info@heavenlyorganics.com. To learn more about our products and passions, Visit www.heavenlyorganics.com.