Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care, Vegetarian Capsules

Raw Whole Food Probiotic Supplement. Potency Promise: Arrive alive! 100 billion guaranteed! Once daily. 34 probiotic strains. The Ultimate Complementary Probiotic. Includes the clinically studied replenish blend to restore the good bacteria lost and help relieve digestive disruptions. Gluten free. Soy free. GMO free. Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care Potency Promise: What we promise on the label is what you get - 100 billion live probiotic cultures in a convenient once daily capsule. Temperature controlled cold storage and delivery ensures that your probiotics arrive alive and stay alive up to the end of expiration date (At expiration date under recommended storage conditions: Best if refrigerated. Store in a dry place at 71 degrees F (22 degrees C) or below). Garden of Life Raw Probiotics: Raw Probiotics is an innovative line of raw, Whole Food Probiotic formulas from Garden of Life. Each high-potency raw probiotics formula contains a naturally diverse group of over 30 beneficial probiotic strains from Bulgarian yogurt and Eastern European wild kefir, guaranteed to Arrive Alive! Raw means our probiotics are uncooked, untreated, unadulterated; with no carriers, binders or fillers. There is a Raw Probiotics formula for your specific stage of life. The ultimate complementary probiotic. Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care: The Ultimate Complementary Probiotic: Many factors can compromise your body's defenses including the overuse of medications, stress, your environment, and even normal aging, resulting in the loss of beneficial Bifidobacterium. This unique High Bifido formula includes the clinically studied replenish blend making it your ultimate complementary probiotic to achieve balance - helping you repopulate your gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria. Once daily serving - small, easy to swallow capsule. 34 Raw probiotic strains promoting flora diversity as found in nature. Features the clinically studied Replenish Blend to restore the good bacteria lost. Helps relieve the occasional symptoms of gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Provides protein digesting enzymes for added digestive support. Take Garden of Life Raw probiotics ultimate care, the ultimate complementary probiotic, to empower your extraordinary health. Contains no binders, fillers, carriers, artificial colors or preservatives. Printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled material. Certified renewable energy. We buy 100% certified renewable energy. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease). Made in the USA.