Gardein Breakfast Pockets, Eggless Scramble

Meatless sausage, chedd'r shreds, vegan scramble, red peppers and spinach. Good morning goodness. Deliciously meat-free. 200 calories per pocket. Non GMO soy & wheat. Made with plant protein. Good source of fiber. Contains 7 g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat and sodium content. Ready in 3 minutes. Enjoy! Dairy free. Cholesterol free per serving. Certified vegan. Kosher. Contact Us: Toll free 1.877.305.6777. Get social! Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube. Certified vegan. Non-GMO soy, wheat and canola. Hungry for more on-the-go ideas? Try our other pocket meals and sliders. Product of Canada.