Red Baron Pizza, Stuffed Crust Meat-Trio 21.90 oz.

RED BARON Stuffed Crust MEAT-TRIO Pizza - One bite into our Stuffed Crust MEAT-TRIO pizza and you know this will be a moment to remember. You’ll savor the mouthwatering taste of zesty tomato sauce, real cheese and a hearty topping of pepperoni, smoked ham and sausage, all piled on top of our Stuffed Crust that’s loaded with rich, melty mozzarella cheese and has a unique, rectangle shape that brings a fun twist to pizza. Our delicious, cheesy MEAT-TRIO pizza is an excellent source of protein and calcium so you can feel good about every single slice you serve. Whether it’s part of a mid-week family dinner, a late-night study session with friends, or a quick snack before sports practice, let our frozen pizzas help you and the people you love savor every moment. Easy to make and easier to enjoy, this frozen pizza serves up quality and flavor in minutes so you can get back to what matters. Just bake this frozen pizza on a baking pan for 17-20 minutes at 425 Degrees F and you’re ready to serve a sizzling, savory and indulgent MEAT-TRIO Pizza that will satisfy everyone around your table. Keep pizza frozen until you’re ready to enjoy. No matter the occasion, you can count on RED BARON pizza to please the crowd. You can quickly bake our frozen pizza as part of an easy dinner, giving your family more time to catch up over every cheese and meat-packed bite. Everyone at your next pizza party will buzz about the stuffed pizza crust that is cheesy and indulgent. And you’ll feel the pride and excitement that comes with bringing people together to share a delicious meal--and lots of memorable moments--again and again. Make your next meal mean more with a RED BARON Stuffed Crust MEAT-TRIO Pizza!