MorningStar Farms Veggie Crumbles 12 oz

No artificial colors or flavors. 10 g protein. Vegan. 76% Less fat than regular ground beef crumbles, cooked (Pan-browned). (Regular ground beet crumbles, cooked (pan-browned), contain 10g total fat per serving (55g). MorningStar Farms Grillers Crumbles contain 2.5 g total fat per serving (55g)). Provides 18% of the daily recommended amount of complete protein. Complete protein contains all nine essential amino acids in the recommended amounts per gram of protein. Made with Non-GMO soy. Veggie meal starters. Ding, ding! Dinner time! 100% Plant protein. The power of plants. Hearty veggie chili spice up your weekday meal routine with this flavor-packed classic. Loaded baked potato the possibilities are endless with a baked potato as your base! At MorningStar Farms, we think each and every meal can be the most important one of the day, because eating a diet high in veggie protein is good for you and for the world. With over 30 MorningStar Farms products and hundreds of our recipe ideas online, it's easy to enjoy a delicious veggie meal any time of the day. Questions or comments ? Visit: Call: 1-800-962-0120. Provide production code on package. What's the deal with complete protein, you ask? Find out more at: P.S. There are fail-proof recipes there, too! Resealable (more for later).