Banquet Boneless Strips, Buffalo Style 13.2 oz

Banquet Mega Meats Boneless Buffalo Style Chicken Strips with Mac and Cheese frozen meal brings two classics to your table in minutes. Featuring breaded white meat chicken patty strips coated in sauce with macaroni and cheese for delicious frozen meals with a kick. This frozen chicken dinner offers 33 grams of protein per serving to put hunger in its place. Enjoy Banquet Mega Meats as flavorful frozen lunches or quick and easy frozen dinners any day of the week. Preparation of these ready made meals is easy. Just follow the instructions on the box to heat the frozen food in the oven for fresh-baked flavor or in the microwave for quicker cook time. Store the 13.2 ounce frozen buffalo chicken meal in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy. Banquet Mega delivers hearty meals that will keep bringing you back for more.