Foods Alive Flax Crackers, Organic, Italian Zest

Protein & fiber. Omega-3 EFA's. Gluten free. 93% raw. USDA organic. Certified vegan. Nature's perfect health food. No additives or preservatives. Enjoy our flax crackers right from the bag, on salads, as bread, or with your favorite dips & spreads! Foods Alive is a family-owned company dedicated to creating the healthiest food. Like you, we care deeply about the food our family eats, so we use the highest quality organic & gluten free ingredients! We know the best flaxseed comes from mineral and nutrient rich soil. We receive samples from numerous certified organic farmers and make each sample into small batches of both crackers and cold-pressed oil for taste testing. This extra attention to detail allows u to make crackers & oils with the highest quality of flavor, freshness & nutrition. We start our crackers out by soaking the seed, which begins the germination or life process and makes the seeds easier to chew and digest (no grinding required!). The we add robust ingredients and gently dehydrate them overnight at a very low temperature to preserve the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. Food to nourish your body, mind & soul, but that is just the tip of the flaxburg! Visit our website to see our crackers sprouting, articles, studies, videos and recipes for adding flaxseed and flax oil to your diet! Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates -. The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. - Thomas Edison -. Certified organic by: ICO. Made with great care & love in Indiana, USA!