Field Trip Toasted Sesame Beef Jerky

Field Trip® Toasted Sesame Beef Jerky. Get out there. New look, now grass fed! Premium top round beef. Natural smoke flavoring added. No preservatives. No added MSG**. No nitrites. No corn syrup. All natural*. Gluten free. 80 calories. 13g protein. 1.5g fat. Per serving. U.S. Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture. *Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. **Except naturally occurring in soy sauce. Net weight 2.2 oz (62g). Abracadabra alakazam-open this bag and put out your hand. You're about to experience a blast of sheer pleasure, the snack in your hands is like a magical treasure. A little bit sweet a little bit nutty, I'm all you need, to fill up your tummy. But, before you dig in, and put your craving at ease, be sure to begin, with "open sesame," please. Get out there. Be silly. Matt, Tom, Scott. Try our other flavors! Turkey: cracked pepper. Crushed chilies. Pork: Maple BBQ. Beef: Original sweet & spicy teriyaki. Location Bryce Canyon N.P. Our favorite hike was Fairyland Loop, send us a picture of Tower Bridge when you get there!