Fantastic World Foods Burger, Nature's, Vegetarian

A veggie and whole grain mix. Vegan. Never ending discovery. California's lush landscapes cultivate a back-to-nature mindset. A yearning to don a backpack and hit the trail; a penchant for farm-fresh produce in lieu of the butcher's beef. Our savory mix of veggies and hearty whole grains delivers the sink-your-teeth-into-it satisfaction usually enjoyed only by the meat-and-potatoes set. It's a garden-grown burger that does Californians proud. We love to hear your feedback! Please contact us at and reference the best by date & lot number printed on the bottom of the box. Fantastic assurance. Vegan. Kosher. Low fat. 0 g sat fat. 0 g trans fat. High in fiber. A never ending discovery. Discover a world of endless culinary possibilities! 100% recycled paperboard. The paperboard of this carton is made from 100% recycled paper fiber. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Product of USA.