Familia Swiss Muesli Cereal, 100% Natural

Imported Swiss. No added sugar. Mixed grains with dried apples, raisins and nuts. As our name suggests, the Bio-Familia company is committed to the life of you family. People know us as a leading producer of authentic Swiss Muesli, the nutritious cereal that has been a staple in the diet of the Swiss for centuries. But few know of our pioneering role in supporting natural farming techniques that respect the environment. Since 1958, Familia has supported farmers who believe in preserving the environment by using earth friendly methods of growing and processing foods without pesticides, herbicides and preservatives. Today, as the demand for this type of farming grows, we still consider it the best way to produce ingredients for out cereals. Familia is proud to continue the tradition of 100% all natural cereal by bringing you a unique cereal grown in balance with nature. In fact, we only select ingredients from farms with the greatest expertise in growing grains that replenish and maintain healthy soil while eliminating toxic chemicals. These grains are then blended with fruits, nuts and sunflower seeds. The result is 100% nature's best in every bowl. For generations, the Bio-Familia company has been providing the world with authentic Swiss Muesli, Remaining faithful to the nutritional concepts developed by Dr. Bircher-Benner late in the 19th century, Familia cereals are perfect for today's healthy eating goals. Still produced in the quaint village of Sachseln nestled in the beautiful Swiss countryside, Familia cereals are the result of a passion for quality and healthy goodness. Enjoy it the Swiss way! Make the delicious cereal part of your healthy eating lifestyle. Try adding a chopped apple or any fresh fruit along with milk or yogurt. You'll get the authentic Swiss feeling and a great start to you day! Packed in a protective environment.