Equal Exchange Coffee, Organic, Ground, Love Buzz

Blend of full city & french roasts. Dark & velvety smooth. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by: Oregon Tilth. Small farm. Grown by small farmers. Collected at farmer co-ops. Roasted at equal exchange. Brewed & enjoyed by you! Amazing beans from small farmer co-ops around the world. We work closely with our farmer partners, year after year, to better understand each other's needs. The result is a trusting relationship-and delicious coffee. - Beth Ann Caspersen, Equal exchange quality control manager. Roasted daily. We're equal exchange co-op. Since 1986, we've run our business democratically. One persons, one vote. We each have a voice, with the ability-and the obligation-to use it as we build a movement for a better food system. We're Equal Exchange Co-op - Since 1986. The Equal Exchange Coffee Journey. These coffee beans have traveled great distances to reach your cup. At equal exchange, we wake up thinking about how to bridge the gap between coffee growers and coffee drinkers. We rely on our producer partners to bring us the finest coffee available. We rely on ourselves to enhance the cup characteristics with each roast. And we rely on you to purchase, protect and release the fine attributes of each coffee you brew. We couldn't do it without you. We work for justice for indigenous women and men and campesinos who, day after day, work the land to feed their families and their community - Roxio Motato Suarez, Coordinator at Aprocatem Ingruma Co-op, Columbia. Our Mission is at Risk: Climate change is wreaking havoc on our farmers partners in the South. Corporate digestion of Fair Trade has both reduced the power of small farmers and demoralized US shoppers in the North. What if we organized as citizen-consumers? Together we can create a food system that is: Democratic; Transparent; Sustainable; Fair. We are global citizens fighting for food justice, democracy, the earth. We need you! Join the Equal Exchange Action Forum, a powerful of new initiative connecting Equal Exchange worker-owners, producer partners, and citizen-consumers like you to create a democratic food system owned by the people, not corporations. Action Forum: Learning together; Sharing together; Building a movement together. How to Join: 1. Go to equalexchange.coop/action-forum. 2. Fill out the application as an activist, consumer or investor. 3. Become a Action Forum Member. Talk to Us: 77-776-7400.