Emerald Cove Wakame, Pacific, Silver Grade, Ready-to-Use

An edible ocean plant. Premium quality dried seaweed: undaria pinnatifida. Just say no to GMOs! Wakame is a type of kelp and is closely related to another popular seaweed, kombu, Emerald Cove Silver Grade Pacific Wakame is cultivated on rope nets spread between posts planted in the sea bed in the shallow areas off the south shore of the Shandon Peninsula in North China, near Korea. The cultivation process is similar to Nori cultivation except that with Nori the spores are started in shallow pools on shore, and then transplanted to the nets. Wakame naturally attaches itself to the nets directly from the sea water. Eighty per cent of all wakame consumed in Japan now comes from China and Korea. After harvesting, it is briefly washed and cut into convenient, ready-to-eat pieces. These pieces are laid out to dry in the sun for several days until completely crisp and dry, and are then packaged. Pledge of Purity: No ingredient of this product has been genetically engineered or modified, irradiated, or processed using artificial preservatives, artificial flavorings, or artificial colorings. Naturally fat free. Product of China.