Edward & Sons Miso-Cup Delicious Golden Vegetable Soup - 4 CT

Edward & Sons™ Miso-Cup® Delicious Golden Vegetable Soup. Low fat. Low calorie. Cholesterol free. Convenience without Compromise®. Since 1978. Makes 8 cups from 4 envelopes. "The original". Freeze-dried. Instant. Just add hot water! GF©, gluten-free. Vegan©. Delicious soup in Seconds™! Net wt 2.5 oz 72g. The story of Miso-Cup®. Miso (pronounced mee-so), one of Asia's most important foods, was created by the ancient Chinese more than two thousand years ago. Buddhist monks later brought this versatile soyfood to Japan, where it evolved into the delicious Miso soup we enjoy today. Miso was originally reserved exclusively for nobility, but it was eventually shared more widely, and has now become a treasured staple in kitchens throughout Asia*. The popularity of Japanese cuisine has made Miso soup a worldwide favorite, thanks to its wonderful flavor and unique nutritional profile. To make golden vegetable Miso-Cup®, food artisans age cooked soybeans and rice with a traditional starter culture called "koji". They employ salt, time and pressure to regulate this aging process and create the culinary treasure known as Miso. We freeze-dry their fresh, unpasteurized Miso, adding select ingredients, such as onions and parsley, to make Miso Cup complete. Like yogurt, Miso is considered to be a living food. That is why Edward & Sons takes extra care to use costly freeze-drying methods that retain, as much as possible, the living cultures for which fresh Miso is prized. Miso-Cup boasts rich, satisfying flavor without any cholesterol or trans fats. Prepare as directed to enjoy convenient instant soup in seconds or experiment with Miso-Cup as an all-purpose seasoning to enhance sandwiches, flavor dips, season gravy and more! Miso-Cup: delivering convenience without Compromise® to discerning consumers with busy lifestyles since 1978. *Source: the book of Miso, by W. Shurtleff & A. Aoyagi, 10 Speed Press. For more information, go to www.soyinfocenter.com. Packed in USA. Special offer! Many instant soups are packaged in disposable cups. This wastes trees and petroleum resources, thereby adding to the financial and ecological cost of those soups. Edward & Sons encourages you to use your own favorite cup to preserve our precious resources, or you may want to enjoy one of ours. www.edwardandsons.com. ©2016 Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc.