Dang Coconut Chips, Toasted, Dark Chocolate Coated

Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Dang that's good! Dang is my Mother's name. One day she gave me a recipe that called for toasted coconut and when I tasted it I thought Dang, that's good! A year later, I launched Dang Foods to share our coconut chips with the world. In our quest to create the ultimate snack, we coated our crunchy toasted coconut chips with Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate. Each component is lovingly crafted then combined to create a snack greater than the sum of its parts. Here at Dang, our mission is to expand minds through mouths by offering only the most innovative snacks in the world. From my family to yours, - Vincent K., founder. Good source of fiber. www.dangfoods.com. Coated in California.