Captain Toadys Horseradish Sauce

Hardy. Made with fresh horseradish. All natural. This creamy sauce demands your attention! Freshly made in the Pacific Northwest. Use Captain Toady's sauce as a baste/marinade for fish for 30 minutes in a sealed container. When cooking baste frequently with same. Add some poupon mustard and serve as hors d'oeuvre sauce for crab, calamari, smoked oysters, clams, artichokes, etc. It's really great mixed in egg, tuna, chicken and potato salads. It's a fabulous dip for french fries, potato chips, onion rings, chicken nuggets, fish & chips and prawns. Use mixed with ketchup for a variation on cocktail sauce. Perk up your oysters, shrimp, clams, crab or calamari. Really superb on hamburgers, roast beef, corned beef (add mustard), ham, turkey & blt's. Hot & spicy!