Califia Farms Juice, California Orange

Premium California orange juice with orange juice from concentrate. Pure squeezed. Flash pasteurized. Nature is our source. 12 full servings of fruit in every bottle. Excellent source of vitamin C. Good source of potassium and folate. Can you feel the sun on your face? Close your eyes. Take a sip of our Premium Pure Squeezed Orange Juice. Follow your taste buds into our delicious blend of Valencia Oranges and other California varietals. This is the fresh taste of the heart of California, right from our family farm, squeezed smack in the middle of our groves. Califia brings you the best, freshest, tastiest and most true - and we do it all with love. Health is wealth. Non GMO Project verified. Vegan. BPA free. Gluten free. 100% juice. Perishable. Flash pasteurized. Please recycle.