Berlin Natural Bakery Bread, Whole Grain Sprouted Spelt

What great nutrition should taste like! Stone ground. Whole grain. Small batch baking at its finest! Non GMO Project verified. No preservatives. No additives. Chemical free. Circle of Excellence: Certified seed, field, grain, production, finished product. This product meets or exceeds the written standards of excellence. Ah-h-h-h spelt! An ancient grain that delivers more than just good taste. In Europe it is in a class of its own - the creme de la creme of grains - in a class all its own. All of our products are created around this powerful little grain and we've been producing them since 1986. Berlin Natural Bakery is located in the largest Amish community in the world in Berlin Ohio. Our heritage has taught us that some things truly are best just plain and simple. We believe that quality never goes out of style and doing what's right- is never an option - it's a way of life. These values are evident in every baked good we produce. 1) No added gluten, additives or preservatives only ingredients you know and trust 2) The fragile and delicate nature of our spelt grain requires all of our products to be made from scratch and only in small batches. 3) Our list of distinctions are many - but our proudest is being the 1st Non-GMO Project Verified bread bakery in the US. 4) For a complete up to date list of our production standards - check out our website at Our sprouted spelt bread is sprouted and stone ground on site to ensure no rancidity and maximizes freshness. Don't be fooled by the fight texture of this bread - there is whole grain goodness in every bite. The light and delicate nature of our breads in comparison to others you may find - is due to the stone milling process we use to prepare fresh flour daily. The sprouting process combined with the naturally occurring high water solubility of spelt grain aid in the ease of digestion. Our customers refer to our breads as the feel good bread - which is exactly what they were created to do. A bread you can feel good about! Blessings! - Joy Schrock, President.