Berlin Natural Bakery Bread, Whole Grain Spelt

What great nutrition should taste like! Stone ground. Whole grain. Small batch baking at its finest! Non GMO Project verified. Our first and still No. 1. No preservatives. No additives. Chemical free. Circle of Excellence: Certified seed, field, grain, production, finished product. This finished product meets or exceeds the written standards of excellence. The FDA categorizes all spelt as wheat. This is an all spelt product. No other wheat(s) have been added. Ah-h-h-h spelt! An ancient grain that delivers more than just good taste. In Europe it is in a class of its own - the creme de la creme of grains. In Germany it is the grain of choice, in Italy it is used to create gourmet dishes of all types. Spelt's distinctive and slightly nutty taste is sure to appeal to even those with the most discriminating palette. Our spelt grain has a registered and documented Pedigree of Integrity. It has not been crossbred with other varieties - nor is it genetically modified. Grown for Berlin Natural Bakery using only the highest farming standards - tested and certified chemical free. We use the old fashioned stone grinding method to mill our grain into whole grain flour. The flour we mill today at the bakery will be used in the products we bake tomorrow. The delicate temperament of this ancient grain requires highly skilled bakers to produce a quality loaf of spelt bread. We bake only small batch breads (100 loaves per batch). Small batch baking yields the highest quality and consistency - and if it's great taste you're after, you'll find an abundance of it in every bite. We have many varieties of spelt breads and spelt baked goods to choose from. Every product is unique with a flavor profile all its own. We love what we do - and it is evident in every product we produce. Celebrating more than 20 years of giving you our best - from our kitchens, to yours! - Joy Schrock.