Bella Monica Gluten-Free All-Natural Pizza, Spinach & Feta

Tomato sauce. Fresh spinach. Mozzarella & feta cheeses. Our Restaurant: Bella Monica Cucina & Vino, opened in 2000, proudly serves these delicious gluten-free pizzas every day. We're inspired by memories of long Sundays in nana's kitchen. Everything seemed to stop for family and food. In 2009, we extended our table to the ever-growing number of people who are gluten intolerant. Now, the whole family can enjoy nana's recipe and eat together. Recreated in our kitchen and made in our dedicated gluten-free, solar-powered facility, these pizzas would make nana proud. Passion is our main ingredient. From our family to yours - Buon appetito! We use only the freshest ingredients along with a savory, abundant blend of cheeses that will make our pizza your family's favorite. Stop by and see us next time you're in Raleigh. And next time you're at the grocer, look for our other pizza flavors! Ovo-lacto vegetarian. Solar power.