Mind & Body Bubbly Brut Sparkling Wine, Low Alcohol & Low Calorie, 750mL Wine Bottle

Mind & Body Bubbly Brut Sparkling Wine is crafted using traditional winemaking methods. The pinot grigio grapes come from premium California growing regions that offer long summer days, soaked with sun, and cool evening breezes. This Brut sparkling wine is lively, crisp, and delightful, bursting with tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Delicate floral notes mingle with ripe pear, peach and melon on the nose. This Bubbly Brut sparkles with bright citrus, white peach, and tropical fruit flavors. A sparkling wine that can easily be enjoyed on its own or for Holiday celebrations with a variety of dishes. After the initial winemaking process is complete, a small amount of finished wine is separated and passed through a spinning cone machine that gently removes the alcohol. This alcohol-removed wine is then blended back into the traditional wine resulting in a final blend of delicious, reduced-alcohol wine with 25% fewer calories and half the sugar of the original wine. Mind & Body Bubbly Brut Sparkling Wine is also gluten-free, vegan, only 85 calories per serving, and made with no added sugar. This bottled wine has 8.6% alcohol by volume. Mind & Body wines are dedicated to empowering you to live your best life. These premium, low-calorie, low-alcohol wines are carefully crafted to deliver a delicious wine experience that complements your mindful, wellness-focused lifestyle.