Lemonade Stand Strawberry Lemonade Rose Wine - 750ml

Introducing Lemonade Stand at Main & Vine Strawberry Lemonade Rose. This Strawberry Lemonade Rose is a refreshing infusion of delightfully sweet Rose bursting with all natural flavors of freshly-squeezed lemonade and ripe-picked strawberries with a bright, juicy finish. Just one taste of these citrus sippers will transport you back to summers past, leaving you feeling carefree and basking in sunshine. Twist open and enjoy over ice in your favorite glass. Lemonade Stand at Main & Vine Strawberry Lemonade Rose is only 90 calories 6 oz per serving, 6.5% ABV, vegan-friendly, and gluten free. Pair this refreshing Strawberry Lemonade Rose with a crisp salad, poolside hang outs, backyard BBQs and sunny summer days! This bottle of wine has a convenient screw cap, so no corkscrew is required to open. At the corner of every Main Street in America, you will find Lemonade Stand at Main & Vine. It’s a fresh, new twist on a classic American favorite, blending the nostalgia of one of America’s favorite wine brands with the fun flavors of today. Inspired by the simple joy of being with others and having fun, Lemonade Stand at Main & Vine brings everyone together. The perfect summertime wine to share with friends. Also, available in a 1.5L bottle.