High Noon Watermelon Vodka Hard Seltzer 355ml Can 355 ml

Live like the sun's out with High Noon Vodka Hard Seltzer. Made with real vodka, sparkling water, real fruit juice and natural flavors, this watermelon hard seltzer features complex flavors of both red and green watermelon in a crisp, lively, sparkling drink. With 100 calories, this hard seltzer is gluten free with no added sugar. Just toss these cans in the cooler or the fridge for convenient drinks during your next sunny adventure. High Noon Hard Seltzer is perfect when sipped ice cold at a backyard barbecue or an afternoon at the beach. Each can has 4.5% alcohol by volume. In addition to Watermelon, High Noon are available in Mango, Peach, Lime and other varieties.