Casarsa Merlot, Delle Venezie 3 l

A medium bodied, soft merlot. Tucked into the northeastern corner of Italy at the head of the Adriatic, our grapes are from the famed Delle Venezie region near Venice. The Delle Venezie region is on the sunny side of the Alps near the warm Adriatic Sea. With a climate similar to cooler areas of Northern California, our grapes have good depth of flavor, superb color and wonderful aromas. Casarsa has been growing and crafting flavorful wines since the early 1930s. We take great pride in creating wines which reflect our tradition of capturing the true taste of Italy in every bottle. We invite you to open a cask tonight and be transported to a land where good friends, foods and romance are a part of everyday life. 1 Cask = four 750 ml bottles. Our Merlot is a medium-bodied red wine with aromas of wild cherries, cranberries and smoky notes. With its fresh flavor and smooth finish, this wine is an excellent match with grilled meats, chicken, tomato-sauced pastas and fresh herbs such as rosemary and basil. Casarsa's Premium Wine Cask system prevents oxidation that occurs in half empty wine-in-bottles. Even after the cask is opened, the fresh taste is preserved for weeks, not days, by our patented smart tap spout and a unique inner pouch. Enjoy a glass tonight and experience the true taste of Italy. Product of Italy. Alc. 12% by volume.