Mike's Malt Beverage, Premium, Hard Lemonade 6 ea

Mike's Hard Lemonade. The Original Refreshing "Hard" Lemonade. Cold. Hard. Refreshing. Premium Malt Beverage. You won't find your calling on a cell phone. If you have to be in two places at once, you'd better hustle. 6- 11.2 fl oz bottles. The Greatest is Rarely The Latest. The More You Wander, The More You Wonder. Enlightenment can be Really Heavy. Why do People with Nothing To Say Always Say it so Loudly Mike thinks your two cents are worth a lot. Give us yours at mikeshard.com. You Gotta hand it to the handle. Mike's is Hard. So is Prison. Don't Drive Drunk. 5% ALC/VOL. Made under license from A&R Carton. MWV. is a registered trademark of Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. 2006 Mike's Hard Lemonade Co.