Shiner Beer 144 fl oz

Every drop of shiner is brewed in Shiner. Est. 1909. Enjoy Shiner Bock beer. Nothing's finer than a shiner. Handcrafted quality. Every drop brewed in Shiner. Meets Shiner standards. Mass produced. Watered down. Our pride-enjoy! Precious cargo. Dropping beer brings about sadness. Handle this carton with care and pride. Please enjoy Shiner Bock responsibly. Kosmos Spoetzl and his Little Brewery: The Little Brewery was established in Shiner, Texas, in 1909 by German and Czech immigrant farmers eager to satisfy their first for the Old World brews of their homelands. In 1914, they hired Bavarian brewmaster, Kosmos Spoetzl, whose recipes, expertise and passion for brewing excellence served as the basis of Shiner's first official beer, known today as Shiner Blonde. In March 1915, Kosmos purchased the Shiner Brewery and thus began his 35-year stewardship. During that time, the brewery remained in operation throughout prohibition (1920-1933) by making ice and near beer, and later went on to enjoy steady growth and prosperity as Shiner Beers became local favorite. In the late in 1940's, Kosmos oversaw an addition to the brewery that introduced the distinctive white-brick facade that defines the building today. In tribute to our original brewmaster, the home of Shiner Beers is still known as the K. Spoetzl Brewery. Every drop of Shiner is still brewed and bottled in Shiner. We continue to handcraft beer with the same pride Kosmos Spoetzl put into every bottle over century ago. We invite you to visit us in Shiner to see for yourself - we'll save a cold one for you. Glass recycles. This carton recycles. Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner, Texas 77984. Nothing's finer than a Shiner.; Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner.