Badger After Shave Face Tonic

USDA organic. Cruelty-free. Certified gluten-free. Certified B Corporation. For adventurous gents. The mission will be arduous, the group commander said tersely. Bring only that which is essential. We leave at sunrise. The sky was beginning to lighten, expanding bands of red and orange searing the horizon. You put the finishing touches on your morning shave. Close, smooth. Unafraid. And now, you finish with a bracing splash of after shave face tonic to sharpen the senses and finish the job. The commander's final words echo in your mind, we are depending on you. Because you are the navigator. Good grooming. Badger after shave face tonic is a light witch hazel based bracer with a cooling hit of menthol to invigorate, refresh, and tighten skin. Aloe soothes and nourishes while Bergamot uplifts your spirits. Great for all skin types. Certified organic and 100% natural. Invigorates and refreshes. Great for all skin types. Certified organic by NH dept. of agr. Mkts., & food. Certified gluten-free by gluten-free certification organization, Visit us at Made in the USA.