Aura Cacia Pure Aromatherapy Soothing Lavender Stick

Aura Cacia® Pure Aromatherapy Soothing Lavender Stick. Calming. Non-drying. Nourishing. Contains 100% pure essential oils. Alcohol-free with skin-nourishing jojoba oil and coconut triglycerides. Easy-to-use roll-on applicator. Lavender essential oil's pleasant, floral aroma calms, balances and renews the body, mind and spirit. Aura Cacia soothing lavender stick combines the therapeutic power of lavender with skin-nourishing jojoba oil and coconut oil triglycerides. The result is a gentle and effective aromatherapy application that goes beyond harsh, alcohol-based roll-ons. It's natural therapy you can take anywhere! 100% pure essential oils. Alcohol-free. Cruelty-free. No synthetic fragrances or colors. ©2004 Frontier.