Attune Foods Erewhon Mixed Berry Crispy Brown Rice 100% Whole Grain Cereal

Attune Foods Erewhon Mixed Berries Crispy Brown Rice 100% Whole Grain Cereal. New Look Same Great Product. What Matters Most Is What's Inside . Simple Ingredients. Simply Made. Since 1966. Made with Organic Brown Rice. Gluten Free. Low Fat. Net wt 9.5 oz (269g). People have gathered around the table for years to share food and stories, feeding the stomach and the spirit. At Attune Foods, we make food we want to eat with you in mind. We believe pure ingredients taste better and are naturally nutritious, so that's what we use. We ourselves are label readers and know it's important for the ingredients listed to make sense to you. We believe in the wisdom imparted by our grandparents that balance and mindful eating are part of a healthy lifestyle. Attune Foods commits to bringing you food that helps you feel good and that you can feel good about eating with your family. So that's us. If you've got a story to share about our foods, we'd love to hear it. Write us at: Organic crispy brown rice with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. What matters most is what's inside... the box: We believe pure ingredients taste better and are naturally nutritious, so that's what we use. We take whole grains of U.S. grown organic brown rice and toast them to a crispy crunch. Then we glaze them with a subtle blend of honey and brown rice syrup that sparkles with sweetness. Next we add tasty sliced strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Enjoy by the bowl or sprinkled over yogurt. What matters most is what's inside... you: we make our food with your digestive health in mind to keep you feeling good from the inside out. We proudly offer several certified gluten free cereals. What is gluten Gluten is the protein found in wheat (including semolina, spelt, kamut, einkorn and farro), barley, rye and triticale. Why gluten free For people with celiac disease or gluten in-tolerance, the only treatment is a strict gluten free diet, which helps heal the small intestine, improving overall health. To learn about celiac disease, please visit the Celiac Disease Foundation at Food Allergies: Our cereals have no dairy, soy, peanuts or tree nuts in them. Visit for further food allergy information on our products. Since 1966, Erewhon has led the organic revolution and we remain passionately committed to providing the purest organic foods. Like many people today, you might actually find yourself wary of packaged foods. "If what you eat is good, and pure, and true to its source, all else will follow." This philosophy shaped Erewhon organic cereals. The name Erewhon (Air-wahn) comes from a 19th century novel by Samuel butler. Erewhon was a utopia where each person was responsible for her/his own health, something we strive to make possible with Erewhon organic cereals. Give your Erewhon cereal box a second life! Make a nifty mini box to store all those errant rubber bands & twist-ties. Cut off this back panel for how-to instructions listed inside. We believe what matters most is what's inside. Try the whole range of Attune foods offerings- all made with your digestive health in mind. Erewhon - Try one of our other certified gluten free cereals today including our Strawberry Crisp. Attune - Look for Attune certified gluten free chocolate probiotic bars in the yogurt aisle. Who knew probiotics could taste this good! New Morning Organic graham crackers, available in Honey Grahams or Cinnamon Grahams. Pure snacking and baking pleasure! Uncle Sam - America's original all-natural high fiber cereal blends whole wheat flakes and flaxseeds. Non GMO Project Verified. This package is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping and handling. Certified GF Gluten-Free. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. (800) 641-4508. Hi there. Antsy for more information Sign up for our e-newsletter at for original articles on healthy living, product updates and special promotions. Looking for coupons You'll find them printed on the inside of the box. Carton Made From 100% Recycled Paperboard Minimum 35% Post-Consumer Content. 100% Whole Grain, 21g or more per serving, Eat 48g or More of Whole Grains Daily. 2011 Attune Foods, Inc.