Atkins Bread Mix

3g Net Carbs. For those watching their carbs, count only 3 grams, as all other carbs are fiber, which have a minimal impact on blood sugar. For bread machines or conventional ovens. Fresh baked country white bread without loading up on carbs? It could only be Atkins. Do you love fresh baked bread but don't love all of the carbs that come with it? Then try our bread mix, fresh from the Atkins Kitchen! The Atkins Kitchen Bread Mix is a great source of protein and important dietary fiber which unlike other bread mixes, uses wheat extracts and a low glycemic cornstarch instead of flour. So go ahead, enjoy fresh baked bread with Atkins Kitchen Quick & Easy Bread Mix. You'll be doing your body and taste buds a favor. Atkins - Your source for controlled carb living. Carbs and Your Health: Your body burns carbohydrates and fat for energy. When you load up on carbohydrates, you don't give your body much of a chance to burn fat. Even worse, excess carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar to spike then drop, leaving you tired and craving more food, which can quickly add unwanted pounds. Atkins products can make a difference. Atkins has been the leader in controlled carb nutrition for over 30 years. And now Atkins products give you so many ways to cut down on carbs without cutting out the foods you love. Try Atkins foods and see (and feel) for yourself!