Annie's® P'Sghetti Loops™ Pasta in Tomato & Cheese Sauce 15 oz. Can

We here at annie's have spent lots of time around kids. Some of us have them, some of us act like them, but all of us eat like them. Like you, we know what they like to eat, and almost more importantly, how they like to eat it. Kids love macaroni, and annie's has that perfect blend of certified organic Ingredients, cool-shaped pasta, yummy tomato sauce, and real cheese. Not only does this simple can of pasta satisfy hungry tummies, but because it's all natural and vegetarian, it provides a great alternative to conventional canned pasta meals. So your kids are busy building their unique personalties. So they eat annie's out of a cup with a sandbox shovel and an ice cube. But they eat it - and go ahead, admit it, so do you. Certified organic Pasta in tomato & cheese sauce Made with organic pasta, tomato & cheese Yummy soy meatballs