AC LaRocco Natural Pizza, Vegetarian, Tomato & Feta

All natural. Whole wheat and honey crust. Fresh tomato, feta cheese, Basil, fresh garlic, sun ripened tomatoes. 100% Real cheese. Heart healthy. Super Foods RX. What does organic mean to you and your family? To our family at AC LaRocco, it means providing you with the highest quality products possible. The 100% Organic Whole Wheat and Honey Crust and the 100% Organic Tomato Sauce are the cornerstone for every AC LaRocco Pizza we build. We take pride and comfort in knowing that these certified products are free from pesticides and chemicals and are grown in soils rich in microbes & micro-nutrients. We know you do too! We invite you to try our great pizza products that are Nutritious by Nature, Delicious by Design! This pizza is made with 68% organic ingredients.