2 Towns Ciderhouse Cider, Variety Pack

No essence or artificial flavors. Naturally gluten free. No added sugar. Craft cider. 4 varieties. Only fresh-pressed Northwest apples. Always whole ingredients. Brightcider: Made with Newtown pippins. Radiant and balanced, BrightCider shines with Newton Pippin apples, the pioneer variety that defined the cider palate of the Northwest. Easy Squeezy: Made with meyer lemon & raspberry. Citrusy and refreshing, Easy Squeezy is crafted with fresh-pressed NW apples, Meyer lemons, and raspberries. Bringing the pink lemonade vibes, this ciders goes down easy peasy. Prickly Pearadise: Made with nopal cactus fruit. Fruity and earthy, Prick Pearadise brings some desert flare to the PNW. We use a fusion of NW apples & prickly pear cactus fruit to create a vibrant flavor oasis, proving that a little paradise can be found even in the prickliest of places. Pacific Pineapple: Made with Costa Rica gold pineapples. Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed NW apples. This refreshingly juice and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale! Whole Ingredients: Made from 100% fresh-pressed Northwest apples, sourced exclusively from local Oregon & Washington farms, as well as other whole, locally harvested agricultural ingredients. No Shortcuts: Our cider is always slow fermented at cold temperatures. This time intensive process retains the natural character and delicate aromatics of the apples, eliminating the need for additives, which plainly fall short. Nothing Artificial: No concentrates or refined sugars. No velcorin or sorbate. www.2TownsCiderhouse.com. Crafted to Share: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)2TownsCider. Follows Us Online: www.2TownsCiderhouse.com. Bright Cider: Alc/vol 6.0%. Easy Squeezy: Alc/vol 5.0%. Prickly Pearadise: Alc/vol 5.3%. Pacific Pineapple: Alc/vol 5.0%.